Monday, February 2, 2015

So, that was quite the hiatus, but time flies when you're too busy to have fun! Nah! We always work in some fun, and by fun I mean time at Disney! Got to make sure those annual passes don't collect cobwebs. 

      Since Sept we've moved all the way across .....

                             the zip code! 

          Where we celebrated Halloween - 

                 Thanksgiving & Christmas 

   And we fought over this one gift. Yep, that's it. We were all so naughty that Santa left just one package. Santa happened to have a Silhouette Cameo and was pretty excited about cutting out Christmas shapes. 

After New Year's we joined cousins in a Grand Villa at Boardwalk - sorry, I can't tell you much besides it was TDF amazingly Mickey Mouse magical! My cousin, Laura, who works for Fairy Godmother Travel knows all about booking these, but this was booked using DVC points, a whole wazoo of points! How many is a wazoo? No idea, but nightly rates are more than our rent, so this 2,500 sq ft, 3 bed, 3 bath may not be as cost effective as 3 separate rooms, but who stays at Disney Deluxe resorts to save money? If that's your plan, you need a new accounting system. OK, I just have to show you this, because this is kind of incredible. See the 4th floor of the red building? That was all ours. All of it. The whole floor on this side. That's 5 balconies! (in the middle is one gigantic balcony) It was ALL ours. All.

Now here's the view that I didn't know existed at Disney, because it's different up there than down on the boardwalk. You can see EPCOT's Spaceship Earth and Illuminations fireworks from up there. Across the bay are Yacht and Beach Clubs.

Only because I never thought I'd step foot in one of these, am I posting pics here so the curious can have a peek! This is one of the largest Grand Villas at 2,500 sq ft. You start off with double doors and a sitting area outside. There's an additional door for the unit. I put the do not disturb sign out on the big door, forgot it was there, then wondered why Disney staff kept going to the small door by the 2Q bedrooms instead of the obvious, big doors. 

     Wherever you see windows is balcony space. Each bedroom has their own balcony.

                    And to wrap it up, nighttime shots from the end balconies -


And so everyone in the magical castle lived happily they didn't....they got forcibly ejected by reality and had to return to their humble homes and jobs and school, and they weren't happy about leaving at all but had lovely pictures and memories to take with them.

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