Thursday, September 11, 2014

Blog Interrupted

While I didn't have plans to reroof the house while growing organic vegetables and building my furniture, which I'd paint from a natural concoction I made of crushed leaves and berries AND blog it all with beautiful photography that would make Ansel Adams tear up... I DID think I was on the path of a few small crafts and homey projects I'd post with at least twice a week regularity. In fact, I have pictures from a few that I didn't post just waiting. They're nothing revolutionary, but they're mine. However, a bit of life interfered and has, most inconveniently, continued interfering. 

First, tech problems. If I can't get signed in, I can't post. It's pretty straightforward.

Secondly, my oldest son's medical needs have greatly increased. We'd found THE med for his arthritis, and he was doing Taiji, feeling energized, and walking with just a cane through Walmart. Then he got the flu, and he's more debilitated than ever and back in his motorized wheelchair. I can't leave him home alone for very long, and I'm spending lots of time caring for him and communicating with doctors. Obviously, this is top priority. 

Thirdly, we are moving. It came on pretty suddenly. We went from casually looking in preparation for selling next summer, to moving the timeframe up to Right NOW due to a possible sinkhole. Here's how that went down. My husband, who just isn't going to have a blog nickname, because the thought *gags* me - it works for some just not me - So Chris (For old SNL fans I'm technically a Pat, making us Pat & Chris) found a crack across the kitchen floor that I tried to Soft Scrub away. The issue is that it's in the middle of the house not toward an outer wall. Hm! It's about 3 1/2 ft long, and it appeared right after a corner of our deck sank and a side of our front porch dropped at least an inch. Add to that a window that won't close and sliding doors that won't open because the house has settled, and we accelerated the move and home search. We called the insurance who immediately connected us with the Sink Hole (eek!) department, so we really got packing!! We hadn't actually thought of a sink hole but were assuming erosion and foundation repair. We've had 2 people from insurance out, and we don't have a lot of answers. I really don't trust that they will do more than ascertain if it's a sink hole. The question of erosion and foundation repair probably needs to come from someone else, and I'm concerned about liability and selling, too. This is probably going to be a long process, especially as I can be pretty anal retentive, I mean, detail oriented. Bottom line is the worst case scenario is our family being killed from a home that collapsing in a sink hole. That being said, ANY other outcome is a WIN. When the big pieces of furniture move on the 20th, it's going to be a relief. I've let go of the money we've put into this house, because the insurance shocked us so with the words, "sink hole". The children at church sing, "The wise man built his house upon a rock..." and "The foolish man build his house upon the sand, and the house on the sand washed away." Take a guess at what's in OUR Florida yard!

The foolish man built this house upon the sandy hill, and it's washing away down the road. All that white sand is for our yard. To the right of my daughter is a driveway down to a garage, and there's another sand one up to the house you can't see, but there's the trail.

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