Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Father's Day 2014

Father's Day means man food, sinful man food, but Sunday means Mom is tired and doesn't do too much cooking. The compromise was Cheddar Bacon Ranch pull apart bread by Stephanie Parker at Plain Chicken.

But, I was tired, remember? I disregarded her suggestion and wrestled with the sliced sourdough bread kids had snitched pieces out of to make this. Sorry Dad! I've done this both ways: with and without sliced bread, and probably the expert's way is easiest, not that this requires much, or any, culinary prowess.     

And there was certainly no time for staging the food for photos! This was his favorite picture, but his tennis racket hands make this look deceptively small. 

Every superhero needs a badge. I made this on my Silhouette and used double stick tape to attach it to a free button from a past fundraiser plucked from the trash, literally. After wearing it to church, he can pin it on his bulletin board at work.   

Then we gave Dad a Father's Day "Survival Kit" so he could sooth the stress of sitting on the couch and watching TV by munching on an assortment of empty calories. Some things had nuts, so there was a slight nod to nutrition, but let's not get silly, it's MY husband. If it's green and on his plate, it better be Key Lime or mint.

My Husband (Hm, wonder if I should give him a blog nickname like the Viking in honor of his fave team. lol) guarded his hoard like a dragon in his lair graciously allowed me to retrieve the basket for some fast shots for posterity. We scored those cute mustache clips at the Dollar Store along with lots of treats including yummy Dad's root beer creamsicles. 

The tag I made on my Silhouette Cameo. Every time I cut black vinyl I add Mickey heads in between whatever I'm cutting, so then I have some always ready to go for projects. The Viking (we'll see if I can keep up cutesy blog talk) is a Disney nut. We have annual passes and go just a little. ahem. No hating the FL residents! 

 One last Father's Day surprise! (window paints came from Dollar Tree) Too bad Dad had a migraine all weekend! No worries, he's got that annual pass, so I'll take him to see Mickey, and he'll be happy.

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